Cut Utility Costs with Solar Power

Here in Southern Oregon we enjoy an average daily solar production (4.9 peak hours), slightly less than Miami and Daytona Beach, Florida. So it is a great place to produce your own solar power.

With utility rates continuing to be on the rise, combined with the incentives still available, now is a perfect time to consider solar photovoltaic (P.V.) for your home or business.

At Pro Electric, Inc. we take pride in our design and installation of your project. We will design your P.V. system to maximize efficiency and production of your site as well as use only top quality equipment and installation procedures. We've got answers to frequently asked questions about solar power.

We offer free estimates as well as free site analysis which includes:

  • Percentage of annual shading on the site.
  • The size of system capable of being installed within the area available.
  • The amount of approximate annual production in kilo watt hours so that you will know your percentage of utility offset.
  • The amount of approximate annual savings.
  • The approximate number of years to pay back.
  • Pro Electric, Inc. will make the installation process easy for you or your business by providing all forms, design and processing needed to receive all the available incentives.

We would enjoy sitting down with you to answer any questions you may have about solar and what it can do for you.
Call us for a free consultation today: (541) 474-7943