Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When Is It Time To Call An Electrician?

A: When you have to use an extension cord as permanent circuitry. When you keep burning fuses or tripping breakers. Whenever you smell something “hot”. When you feel you are working out of your area of expertise. “Why take a chance? CALL A PRO!”

Q: Why Are My Outlets In My Kitchen Or Garage Not Working?

A: It is possible that you have a circuit breaker or an outlet that is a GFCI protected and has tripped. Pressing the RESET button on the GFCI may solve your problem. If not, please feel free to call Pro Electric, Inc. to schedule a service call.

Q: Can I Just Put A Bigger Breaker Or Fuse In If I Need More Power?

A: In most cases, you cannot install a larger breaker or fuse. Breakers and fuses are originally sized and installed according to the size of the wire in the circuit. A larger breaker or fuse may cause a power overload of the circuit and a potential fire hazard.

Q: Can I Do My Own Electrical Work?

A: In Oregon and many other states it is legal for a homeowner to do electrical work on his/her own home. It is not permitted for a residential landlord or commercial property owner to work on any property other than their own personal residence.

Q: Do I Need An Electrical Permit?

A: In most cases an electrical permit is required by State or local authorities whenever any electrical work is performed. If in doubt, call Pro Electric, Inc. for further advice.

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